Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is an Electronic Record in the form of Electronic Contract in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, the rules made there under and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This record doesn’t require any physical, electronic or digital signature.

Gim Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd(the “Company”) is engaged in providing cloud-based accounting software for generating invoices, waybills, and other accounting receipts and documents for businesses through their Website and Android and IOS based Applications. The term “Software” wherever referred to, shall mean and include the Company’s Website and Android and IOS Applications, collectively and/or separately, wherever the context so requires.

This document is published in accordance with the requirements of Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011.By accessing, browsing through or using the Software, you agree to be legally bound by this Privacy Policy, which together with the Terms and Conditions govern the Company’s relations with its users.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the terms-
You”, “Your”, and “User” shall refer to any person accessing, browsing through or using the Software.“Us”, “We”, and “Our”, wherever the context so requires shall refer to the Company or the Software.“Party” or “Parties”, wherever the context so requires shall refer to the user and the company individually and collectively.


This privacy policy will be applicable to the visitors and/or the user of Gim Infotech website/App

This Privacy Policy is meant to help the users understand - What information we collect?

The Company reserves its right to review and revise this Policy at any time without any prior notice. Once the Policy is modified, the same shall be visible on this page. After modification of this Policy, every user shall be subject to such modified Policy, so, users are hereby advised to read this Policy carefully.

What information do we collect ?

The user expressly agrees and acknowledges that the company collects and stores personal information while providing services. When a user signs-up on the Software, we may collect the following information-

Information about the user's company:

- Name and Address of the user availing our services.
- Email address, phone number and other contact information of the user.
- GSTN of the user.
- Logo of the Company under whose name invoice, receipt, etc. are being generated.
- Bank Account details.
- Invoice, Payment receipt, Quotation, Expenses, Inventory, Delivery challan, etc. generated by the user during a transaction.
- Other Information related to service enquiry, customer surveys and/or offers.

Information about the client of the user:

We may also collect the following information about the Clients of our Users
- Client’s name, contact number, and address.
- GSTN of the client.
- Email address of the client, etc.

The data is collected to create your account and provide convenience in generation of invoices, waybills and other accounting receipts and documents.

Information about the User's Personal Information:

When you use our Platform, we collect and store your information which is provided by you from time to time by explicitly seeking permissions from YOU to get the required information. Our primary goal in doing so is to provide you a safe, efficient, smooth and customized experience and Services. This allows us to provide services and features that meets your needs, and to customize our Platform to make your experience safer and easier and to improve the Services provided by us. More importantly, we collect personal information from you that we consider necessary for achieving the aforementioned purpose.

In general, you can browse the Website or App without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. However, to create an account on the Platform, you must provide us with certain basic information required to provide customized services. The information we collect from you, inter alia, includes:

- full name of the user.
- email of the user.
- gender of the user.
- photograph of the user.
- mailing address of the user.
- postal code of the user.
- family details of the user.
- university/college details of the user.
- phone number of the user.
- Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the user.
- Academic records and certificates of the user.

Wherever possible, we indicate the mandatory and the optional fields. You always have the option to not provide any information by choosing not to use a particular service or feature on the Platform. We also collect user account data which includes email address and user public profile information like name, photo, ASID depending on the social media or networking platform used by You like Google or Facebook to log-into an app. This information is required as a part of registration process to access our Service and it is also used to auto-populate relevant fields in the course of the interface of the App. We further collect other identifiable information such as your transactions history on the Platform when you set up a free account with us as further detailed below. While you can browse some sections of our Platform without being a registered member as mentioned above, certain activities (such as availing of loans from the third party lenders on the Platform) require registration and for you to provide the above details. The Platform will clearly display the personal information it is collecting from you, and you have the option to not provide such personal information. However, this will limit the services provided to you on the Platform.

Our app also collects mobile number for verification to check the active SIM status on the device , uniquely identify you and prevent frauds and unauthorised access.


We don’t collect, read or store your personal SMS from your inbox.

We collect and monitor only financial SMS sent by 6-digit alphanumeric senders from your inbox which helps us in identifying the various bank accounts that you may be holding, cash flow patterns, description and amount of the transactions undertaken by you as a user to help us perform a credit risk assessment which enables us to determine your risk profile and to provide you with the appropriate credit analysis. This process will enable you to take financial facilities from the regulated financial entities available on the Platform. This Financial SMS data also includes your historical data.

While using the app, it periodically sends the financial SMS information to our affiliate server and to us.


We collect and monitor the information about the location of your device to provide serviceability of your loan application, to reduce risk associated with your loan application and to provide pre-approved customised loan offers. This also helps us to verify the address, make a better credit risk decision and expedite know your customer (KYC) process.

Information the App collects, and its usage, depends on how you manage your privacy controls on your device. When you install the App, we store the information we collect with unique identifiers tied to the device you are using. We collect information from the device when you download and install the App and explicitly seek permissions from You to get the required information from the device.

The information we collect from your device includes the hardware model, build model, RAM, storage; unique device identifiers like IMEI, serial number, SSAID; SIM information that includes network operator, roaming state, MNC and MCC codes, WIFI information that includes MAC address and mobile network information to uniquely identify the devices and ensure that no unauthorized device acts on your behalf to prevent frauds.

We collect information about your device to provide automatic updates and additional security so that your account is not used in other people’s devices. In addition, the information provides us valuable feedback on your identity as a device holder as well as your device behaviour, thereby allowing us to improve our services and provide an enhanced customized user experience to you.


As a part of our loan journey, we require references from the Loan applicant. In this regard, during filing the form on our App, we collect and monitor your contact information which includes name, phone number, account type, contact last modified, favourites and other optional data like relationship and structural address to enable you to autofill the data during the loan application process. This information is required for the purposes of risk analysis, enable us to detect credible references assess your risk profile and to determine your loan eligibility


As a part of our loan journey, we require references from the Loan applicant. In this regard, during filing the form on our App, we collect and monitor your contact information which includes name, phone number, account type, contact last modified, favourites and other optional data like relationship and structural address to enable you to autofill the data during the loan application process. This information is required for the purposes of risk analysis, enable us to detect credible references assess your risk profile and to determine your loan eligibility.


We require storage permission so that your KYC and other relevant documents can be securely downloaded and saved on your phone. You can then easily upload the correct KYC related documents for faster loan application details filling and disbursal process. This ensures that you are provided with a seamless experience while using the application.


We require the camera information permission to provide you an easy/smooth experience and to enable you to click photos of your KYC documents along with other requisite documents and upload the same on the App during your loan application journey.


We automatically track certain information about you based upon your behaviour on our Platform. We use this information to do internal research on our users’ demographics, interests, and behaviour to better understand, protect and serve our users and improve our services. This information is compiled and analysed on an aggregated basis. We also collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the URL used by you to connect your computer to the internet, etc. This information may include the URL that you just came from (whether this URL is on our Website or not), which URL you next go to (whether this URL is on our Website or not), your computer browser information, and your IP address.

Cookies are small data files that a Website stores on Your computer. We will use cookies on our Website similar to other lending websites / apps and online marketplace websites / apps. Use of this information helps Us identify You in order to make our Website more user friendly. Most browsers will permit You to decline cookies but if You choose to do this it might affect service on some parts of Our Website.

If you choose to make a purchase through the Platform, we collect information about your buying behaviour.

We retain this information as necessary to resolve disputes, provide customer support and troubleshoot problems as permitted by law.

If you send us personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, or if other users or third parties send us correspondence about your activities or postings on the Website, we collect such information into a file specific to you.

The App has a link to a registered third party SDK which collects data on our behalf and data is stored to a secured server to perform a credit risk assessment. We ensure that our third party service provider takes extensive security measures in order to protect your personal information against loss, misuse or alteration of the data.

Our third-party service provider employs separation of environments and segregation of duties and have strict role-based access control on a documented, authorized, need-to-use basis. The stored data is protected and stored by application-level encryption. They enforce key management services to limit access to data.

Furthermore, our registered third party service provider provides hosting security – they use industry-leading anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, file integrity monitoring, and application control solutions.

Non-personal information collected by us

The user is aware that we automatically collect certain information about the user that cannot be used to personally identify the user. These types of information are - anonymous usage data, general demographic information, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform type, etc. This data is collected in order keep record of user preferences, to catch up with recent trends, etc. so that we can provide you with specially customized services and offers.

Data deletion

We respect your right to control your personal data. This policy outlines how we handle data deletion requests for user accounts and associated data within the GimBooks app and website.

Account Deletion:
To raise a new account deletion request please fill this form:
Upon receiving a valid account deletion request, we will:
Permanently delete your account information. This includes your profile details, login credentials, and any other personally identifiable data linked to your account.
Erase all data associated with your account. This encompasses activity history, uploaded content (GSTIN number, PAN card, images), and any other personal information we have collected and stored.

Granular Data Deletion:
We understand that users may not always want to delete their entire account. Therefore, we also offer the ability to selectively delete specific data categories (where applicable) without entirely removing your account. This may include:
1. Activity history: Erase your past actions and interactions within the app.
2. Uploaded content: Permanently remove photos or other files you have uploaded.
3. Other data types: Depending on the GimBooks app's and website functionality, you might have the option to delete specific data categories beyond the      ones mentioned above.

Data Retention for Legitimate Purposes:
In certain limited cases, we may be required to retain some data for specific legal or operational reasons, such as:
 1. Security and fraud prevention: We might need to maintain certain data logs for security purposes and to prevent fraudulent activities.
 2. Regulatory compliance: We may be obligated to retain specific data to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
      In such instances, we will clearly disclose these data retention practices within the GimBooks App and Website and Privacy Policy. We will only retain       the minimum amount of data necessary for these legitimate purposes and for the shortest possible duration required by law.

Your Right to Access and Control Your Data:
You have the right to access and review the personal data we collect and store about you. You can also request corrections or updates to your information at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about our data deletion policy or your data privacy rights, please don't hesitate to contact us through the provided channels within the GimBooks app or GimBooks official website.

- Data of Users with Subscription to our Services: If a user who had purchased a subscription to our services (the Software services), does not log in on the Website and does not launch the Android or IOS Application for a period of Sixty (60) days after expiration of his/her subscription, his/her entire data collected and stored on the Company’s server shall be permanently deleted.

- Data of Users with Free Trial Period: Same condition as given in the foregoing paragraph would be applicable in case a user with free trial period does not log in on the Website and does not launch the Android or IOS Application for a period of sixty (60) days after expiration of his/her free trial period.

The user is aware that the Company does not store any information (data) on its server if the time period of 60 days as mentioned above is expired. The user is responsible for making a proper backup of all the invoice, waybill and other accounting receipts and documents. created using the Software.

How We Use and Share the Information Collected ?

The user is aware that we use their information, unless otherwise prohibited by law or a contractual obligation, for the following purposes-

Account signing up - We use your name, phone number, mobile number, etc. to register an account for you. The account will help you avail our services and in communicating with us.
For maintaining internal records - For maintaining a proper record about our users and subscribers, we use information such as name, address, etc. provided by you.
Improvement of services - We may use your email, preferences, etc. in order to improve our services by understanding the issue faced by the user’s.
Communication and customer service - We may use information such as your email id, phone number, etc. to provide customer support, send promotional messages, etc.We may use your name, address, phone number, email, computer configuration, etc. in order to resolve any issue that you might be facing, questions you might have about our services, to follow up with you, etc. through our customer service team.
Feedbacks/reviews - Any feedbacks or review given voluntarily by the user may be retained by us, in order to improve our services. The same may be shared with the viewers or other customers for a better understanding of our services.
Non-Personal Information - In general, we use Non-Personal Information to improve our service and customize user experience. We also collect Non-Personal Information in order to update our services with recent trends. We are not limited by this Privacy Policy, to use or disclose the Non-Personal Information and the right to use and disclose such Non-Personal Information is reserved to our sole discretion.

We consider protecting your personal information vital and we do not sell, trade, or rent your Personal Information to third parties without your consent. However, we may share your information in some cases.

The user is aware that their information is shared in the following exceptional cases-We share your Personal Information with vendors and third-party business tool providers who are performing services for us. We provide only that much information/data which is necessary to provide you services requested or authorized by you.

Third-party service providers, such as payment processors, have their own privacy policies in respect of the information that we are required to share with them in order to use their services. We recommend that you read their privacy policies so that you can understand the manner in which your Personal Information will be handled by such providers.

We may share or disclose your personal information with our associate and subsidiary company.

We may also share your information if required by the law or to respond to a legal process.

In an event the company is acquired by another company or is merged, consolidated, change in control, reorganization, liquidation, or transfer of assets, the new owner will acquire all the information that is recorded by us, including your personal information. The new owner shall have the responsibility to protect your information from thereon.
We do not share your information with third-party for their direct marketing purposes or benefits.

How we protect the data ?

The security of your personal data is important to us, we apply the best technology to protect this data. However, no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. Our information security practices include -

- SSL encryption designed to maintain the privacy of interaction between your browser and us.
- Firewall that protects from unauthorized electronic access to the server.

While we strive to protect your personal data, we cannot provide a guarantee for its absolute security.

The user credit or debit card information are not received or stored by us in any manner. This information is provided by you directly to the payment gateway which is authorized to handle such information.

Disclosure regarding use of Android Advertising Identifiers:

The users are hereby assured that the Company does not sell advertisements on its Android based Application and uses the Android Advertising Identifier for analytical purposes only. To collect and assess the necessary analytics data, the Company uses services provided by Fibre and Firebase. These service providers i.e. Fibre and Firebase, only provide service related to analytical data to the Company and do not violate the Android Advertising Identifier Policy in providing these Services to the Company

Links to other Websites and Web Pages:

The Software contains links to websites and web pages outside its own domain and control. These links are only for the convenience and reference of users. The linking of the websites is not an endorsement, authorization or representation of our association with them.

When you click on such links, you navigate from the Software to such other websites or web pages which are outside our control. The users of these websites and web pages are governed by their own privacy policy, and the Company is not responsible for any information provided to such websites and web pages by the user.

We do not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding such websites and web pages or any information entered on such websites and web pages by the user. Users are hereby advised to read the privacy policy of such websites and web pages before browsing through them carefully.

Cookie Policy

The user agrees that cookies are small files that are placed on a user’s computer system with their permission. Cookies help web applications treat and respond to every user differently according to their preferences and choices. These web applications gather and remember user’s information about their preferences, likes, dislikes etc. to tailor its operations accordingly.
The information gathered by cookies is only used for keeping track of traffic on the Software to modify it according to user’s needs and is used for statistical analysis purposes and is later deleted from the system. Cookies help us provide you with the best browsing experience and do not give us access to your system in any way. You may accept or decline cookies. Most browsers auto accept cookies but, you may change that from browser settings. However, declining or disabling auto acceptance of cookies may prevent you from experiencing best features of the Software.

Age of Consent

We do not collect any information from the minors intentionally. Our services are directed for the adults. By using our service, you represent and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

Do not Track

When you choose to use our service, we use commonly-used tool to recognize your visit, your location, etc. sometime tracking is necessary in order to provide services requested by you.

You may control or disable tracking with the help of your system setting or by changing browser setting.

We do not respond to Do Not Track signals at the moment.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

It is agreed by the parties that any formation, interpretation, and performance of this policy and any dispute arising out of it will be resolved through two-step Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. It is further agreed by the parties that this section i.e., resolution through ADR, will survive even after termination or expiry of the Privacy Policy/Terms.

Mediation- In case a dispute arises between the parties, the parties will attempt to resolve the same amicably between them, through mutual understanding. If the parties are unable to reach a common ground within 30 days of one party communicating of existence of dispute to the other, the dispute will be resolved through arbitration.

Arbitration- when the parties are unable to resolve the dispute through Mediation, the said dispute will be resolved through arbitration. The arbitration proceeding will be presided by a Sole Arbitrator, who would be appointed by the company. The language for arbitration would be English. The seat of arbitration would be Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

The parties agree that Privacy Policy and any other agreement would be governed by laws, rule and regulations of India. The courts in Raipur, Chhattisgarh will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between the parties.