Easy & Fast GST Return Filing using GimBooks

GST return filings can be made faster, easier, and more affordable with GimBooks. GimBooks makes GST return filing convenient and easy.

Save 100% Input Tax Credit

Upto 5% tax saving and save 100% ITC

File GSTR-3B in 3 Click

Start Filing

Create Challan

Pay & File GSTR-3B

Smart Reconciliations

Smart invoice reconciliation can help businesses to improve their financial accuracy, reduce errors and save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error.
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Get GST 2A/2B Report

Download GSTR 2A/2B reports from GimBooks  in easy-to-read format, well aligned data. It can be downloaded in an Excel or CSV format.
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File GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B

GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B filing can be done easily with GimBooks' smart reconciliation feature, which simplifies and automates GST returns filing, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
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Pay using UPI

GimBooks now supports UPI for GST payment, along with other payment methods such as NEFT, IMPS and GST E-Payment seva.
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How to File GST Return with GimBooks

Start Filing GST Return with GimBooks

Start filing GST Returns with our GimBooks App, save 5% tax with Easy Reconciliations, and get 100% GST Compliance

Customer Reviews

Rajesh (kirana Shop)


This GimBooks app, very good for filing GST! No more late fees for me. Before, government website so confusing, now with app, everything clear and easy to do. Happy customer!

Sita Devi (Boutique)


My son showed me this GimBooks app from FaceBook Ad on phone. Filing GST return used to take all day! Now, with app, it's done in minutes. Saves me so much time for shop work. Thank you!

Ravi Patel (Textile Mill)


This app is a lifesaver! Numbers and forms on the government website gave me a headache. GimBooks app makes everything simple, even for someone like me who isn't good with phone.

Sunil Agarwal (Restaurant)


I used to hire someone to file GST. Now, I use GimBooks app and save money! App is very user-friendly, even my young helper can understand it. Makes filing returns easy.

Meenakshi (Beauty Salon)


GST website always seemed to crash when I needed to file GST. With GimBooks app, no such problems!  Can file anytime, anywhere. Very convenient.

Prakash (Electronics Shop)


This app is like having a tax assistant in my pocket! No more scrambling to understand complicated government rules. GimBooks app explains everything clearly.


Lalita (Bakery)

Filing GST used to be so stressful. Now, with GimBooks app, it's like a walk in the park! App even reminds me of deadlines, so I never miss a filing.

Dharmendra (Construction)


I run a small business, don't have time for complicated tax procedures. GimBooks app is perfect! Makes filing GST quick and painless. Highly recommend!

Santoshi (Tailor)


This app is a blessing! GST website was full of jargon
I couldn't understand. GimBooks app uses simple language, makes filing GST easy even for someone like me with limited education.

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