What is GST E-invoicing?

As per the Rule 48(4) of CGST Rules, notified category of registered person have to prepare invoices by uploading specific particulars(standard schema) of invoices on Invoice Registration portal ( IRP) and obtain an IRN (Invoice reference number.

Let’s face it. Creating invoices, sending them out, following up for the payment can be a pain and takes up our precious time. So what can we do?

Here is your Solution - Online E-invoicing

With business online software, you can manage the processes effectively and save your time and money. There are tons of Online Business Software available in the market, but we have summed up about the Best E-invoice Manager app - GimBooks

Manage every aspect of your business, projects, clients and invoicing. You will save countless hours by managing everything within a single click.


GimBooks is an easy Cloud accounting software that helps you organise your finances in one place . It helps you to create and send custom invoices, sale receipts and estimates. It allows you to generate E-invoice instantly to keep a track of the invoices through the e-invoicing report, GimBooks takes care of every little detail to bring you a seamless and automated experience.

E-invoicing in GimBooks

  • Generate E-invoice in few clicks
  • Print ITN and QR code automatically
  • Generate E-invoices in bulk
  • Seamless E-invoice cancellation and edition
  • Correction, Prevention and Detection mechanism

Benefits of E-invoice

  • Savest times and efforts
  • Prevents errors and frauds
  • Confirmed ITC eligibility
  • Real time tracking of invoices
  • Auto-Population of e-invoices details in GST Returns
  • Reduces reporting of the same invoice details multiple times.

Apart from that, GimBooks also has various features like:

  • Manage your Inventory - Track and manage your inventory with various features
  • Accounting made easy - It is now easy to record all the business transactions like Purchase, Sales, Returns, Quotations etc
  • Collect Payment Faster - GimBooks provides you with the option to send the reminders for payments and collect payments digitally.

    Set into the new digital age and level up your business with GimBooks