As businesses evolve, their demands also keep changing. Also with the evolution in technologies and with the prevailing situation, Remote Work has been the need of the hour.

Undoubtedly, the operation and the management of business also need to shift on the softwares. The biggest challenge must be the productivity of the people and the business operation from invoicing to reporting.

GimBooks brings you user - friendly software to manage books remotely

Proper tools should be there for the employees to carry out their usual tasks efficiently in a remote working environment. You might need an online invoice generator tool, account receivable tools, and so on. But how about getting all the work done in one single software?

If different tools have different databases, it would become difficult to ensure that the accurate information is shared in the working environment.

That is where GimBooks come in place, with online capabilities that allow people to access and integrate information remotely.

Key Aspects of Online Business Management Software

  • It acts as online invoice generator software
  • Multiple people can access the same data remotely
  • Access business reports whenever you want

How GimBooks supports Remote Working?

It provides you a wide range of online capabilities allowing you to use business management software remotely and effectively.

  1. Remote Access

GimBooks allows you to access the business reports and data like quotations, purchase orders, delivery challans, debit notes and credit notes anywhere and anytime. You can view reports and edit with just an internet connection.

Reports that you can access:

  • Quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery Challans
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • E-way Bills
  • Reverse Charge Invoice
  • Retail Invoice
  • Inventory
  • Expenses
  • Payment Receipts
  1. Create E-invoice

Create beautiful and professional industry specific e-invoices with the option of customizing only with GimBooks.

  1. Manage Inventory

Manage and check your inventory with software and update it with few clicks

  1. Payment Reminders

Now Payment Reminders is no more an issue. With GimBooks, Send instant and gentle payment reminders to the customers for recovering your payments sooner.

  1. Mobile Access

GimBooks brings you the ability to check important business reports from desktop or even mobile.

Grow your business with utmost secure access even outside your business premises. Best part, you can even create and send the invoice to the customers on the go.

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