Digital Era of Taxation

The Goods & Service tax is one of the greatest tax reforms as all the indirect taxes have been unified and it will improve the collection of taxes and by removing the indirect tax barriers between states, GST will help in boosting the development of Indian economy.

In this Digital era, Tax policies are changing the way businesses are carried out and the need of the hour is user-friendly, dynamic and integrated software which will help the business to automate the financial tasks and cutting - edge technology is the need of the hour.

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Cloud Based Accounting and Automated GST software can help you to streamline all your accounting processes like creation of invoices, E-way Bills, Cash book etc and benefit you in many ways.

If the creation of financial reports and the account process is a bit frustrating and tedious task and takes a lot of your business time & efforts, it might be the time for you to consider and shift to cloud-based accounting software such as GimBooks.

Advantages of Cloud Based Accounting Software

  1. Easy Automation

Cloud-Based GST software helps the business in saving time and efforts by eliminating errors and allows to create automatic workflows. For example, You enter your supplier’s information into the system and create a workflow that will automatically fetch other details and make the invoice etc.

A great software will help you with reconciliation of invoices, purchases, and returns and hassle-free auto-matching.

2. Simple GST Compliance

If you want to make it easy to file your GST returns, you would want to try using GST enabled Software as it automatically applies GST to all your invoices and makes the process faster and easier.

3. View Real Time Data

The software has made GST compliance so easy that it allows you to access the data anytime and anywhere. It helps you to

  • Create & share GST invoices & E-Way Bills with customers.
  • Manage and track the inventory instantly
  • Manage and track purchases, Expenses and Ledgers.
  • Keep a live track of various business reports.

With the software, you will be up to date with the reports on a regular basis.

4. Software Improves Accuracy

You simply need to regularly update your information in the software to get accurate reports. Using cloud-based accounting software is much easier then excel sheets as you do not need to remember the formulas or shortcuts.

5. Access Financial Data Anytime

You just need an internet connection to access your financial data from your cloud-based accounting software. It is possible to check your business financial reports from your mobile or even when you are at home.

Cloud-based accounting software has made things that easier and simpler

6. No Installation required

Unlike traditional accounting programs, you do not need to install or purchase the software in the computer. Instead, you just need to login to your account to access all the financial and accounting information as Cloud-based software is hosted online.

7. Tech Support Available

One of the biggest advantages of accounting software is that you get reliable customer & tech support anytime you want through forums, chats, phone or in many different ways.

Every business is now switching to Accounting softwares from the traditional forms as it is the future and makes the process a lot easier and quicker. There is a lot of softwares available in the market. Sign up with the best and fully automated & Cloud based GST Accounting Software.  

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