Gimbooks brings you the most convenient, affordable and integrated e-invoicing solution for your business. They enable you to implement business complexities with ease and implement an e-invoicing system in time.

What is e-invoice?

E-invoice known as ‘Electronic Invoicing’ is a system in which all B2B invoices are uploaded and authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the common GST Portal.

All B2B invoices which are generated needs to be registered with the government system ie. IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) and obtain unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number) & QR code which contains the details of the e-invoice.

Once the invoice is authenticated, the details shall be available at the GST portal in real time.

But How e-invoicing works under GST?
Check out here if your business is eligible for e-invoice

Let's get back to How the e-invoicing system works?

  1. Supplier generates e-invoice in the prescribed schema, format using E-invoicing App/Software.
  2. The e-invoice is uploaded in IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) where unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number) & QR Code is generated. It is sent to the supplier.
  3. E-invoice and E-way bill system is integrated and auto populated in E-way bill system, GSTR 1 & GSTR 2A
  4. Buyer will get real time visibility in GSTR -2A

Benefits of E-invoice

Till now, you must be clear what e-invoice is and who it is for.

Let’s now understand the advantages of e-invoicing.

  1. E-invoice brings transparency
  2. Reduction in human errors
  3. Real time tracking
  4. Easily customizable
  5. One time reporting B2B invoices
  6. Confirmed ITC eligibility
  7. Save time and efforts
  8. Reduces reporting of same invoice
  9. Auto-population of e-invoice details in GST Returns

Start E-invoicing with GimBooks

To bring you the best e-invoicing experience, GimBooks brings you the fast and most reliable e-invoice solution. It is Simple & convenient e-invoicing & Accounting on the Go.

From generating e-invoices instantly to keeping a track of them and everything in between, we have taken care of every detail for your convenience.

Gimbooks allows you to create professional and elegant looking invoices, Quotations, Purchase order. Additionally, allows you to manage your inventory, Expenses and Ledgers.

  1. Generate e-invoice in single click in bulk
  2. Customize the e-invoice according to your business requirements
  3. Share GST e-invoices & E-way bills with customers
  4. Seamless e-invoice cancellation
  5. Manage and check your inventory instantly
  6. Manage and track purchases, expenses and ledgers
  7. Send gentle reminder to customers
  8. Keep a track of business reports
  9. Make your GST filing simpler and faster

Key Factor for choosing an e-invoice software

  1. Generate bulk e-invoice seamlessly
  2. Generate E-way bill along with e-invoice
  3. Seamless cancellation of e-invoice
  4. Generate e-invoice instantly without manual intervention
  5. Real time tracking anytime and anywhere

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