Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we use GimBooks in our desktop?

Please go to and login with the same user id and password that you have logged in to your app with.

2. Where can I find the pricing details?

You can either visit our website

3. How to become a distributor of GimBooks?

Visit our Partner with us Page to find out about our distributor program

4. What kind of businesses can use GimBooks for accounting?

Gimbooks is an easy to use accounting application to manage your business digitally. It can be used for any small and micro scale businesses. All kinds of traders, retailers, wholesale, distributors can use Gimbooks to manage their businesses easily.

5. Do you sell Customised Apps?

No, we do not sell customised Apps.
Alternatively, GimBooks App can be self customised by changing settings to some extent as per your requirement.

6. How do I get support?

Please contact us at
8889922223 - General Queries
9109322273 - Technical Queries

7. Is GimBooks Cloud/Web-based?

Yes, Gimbooks is cloud based. you can download our app Easy Invoice Manager from play store and also operate from our integrated website

8. Do you provide training for a distributor?

Yes, we provide online training to our distributors.
Also, any technical queries will be answered by us even later on.

9. I'm a Manufacturer. Can I use GimBooks App?

Yes, you can use our app Easy Invoice Manager by GimBooks and website

10.  Can I access the same GimBooks account from two mobile devices?

Yes, you can access your GimBooks account from n number of mobiles.