E-invoicing is a system in which B2B invoices are electronically generated in a prescribed format for goods and services and generated at the Government GST Portal. The concept of GST invoice generation has been taken into consideration for the reduction in tax evasion.

The CBIC has notified that e-invoicing will be applicable for the taxpayers

  1. With a turnover of more than Rs 50 crores in any financial years from 2017-18

GimBooks makes GST invoicing effortless. It is an online accounting software that manages your finances, automates business workflow,keeps you GST compliant and helps to work effortlessly across departments.  It also saves your time and you will get paid faster by sending invoices faster.

  1. Create a professional look

Create professional,  elegant looking and industry-specific invoices on mobile. No need to make one size fits all, instead and customize it according to your brand style - company logo, brand colours, contact information and many more  with customizable tools or you can simply use the invoice templates.

  1. Send GST Bills online

Generate GST invoices by choosing GST compliant necessary fields. Save time and effort put in preparing the GST Bill with our user-friendly GST e-invoicing and billing software. It allows you to know your tax liability and file your tax returns directly.GimBooks will keep your business GST Compliant.

  1. GST treatment for Items

GimBooks lets you associate HSN/SAC codes with your goods and services and records the GSTIN for contacts at the time of creation. The corresponding information is auto-populated when you generate the transaction the next time.

  1. E-Way Bills for Consignment

Create E-way Bills from within your accounting software along with the invoice with simple clicks. GimBooks automatically detects transactions that require e-way bills information in your invoices. The system notifies you and help you create e-way bills instantly.

  1. Manage cash flow

GimBooks allows you to organise information in one place to generate cash flow statements with just a few clicks. Manage cash flows with a real-time view of your cash position.

  1. Payment Reminders

Track who owes you money. With GimBooks, you do not need to worry about your overdues. Enable the payment reminder feature and send the payment reminders and follow up with the customers from any device.

  1. Manage your business on the Go

Track accounting dtaa, create and send customizable invoices and understand the financial records to take important decisions for your company. Collaborate and work with multiple users with GimBooks.

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