Electronic Way Bill (E-way Bill) is a document that needs to be generated for the consignments with the value over Rs 50,000/- on the E-way bill portal. A GST registered person cannot transport goods worth more than 50,000 without an E-way bill.

When an E-way Bill is registered, A unique E-way Bill Number (EBN) is allocated to the supplier, transporter & the recipient.

Today, most businesses generate E-way Bills by putting up the invoice details on the Portal either through tools or direct entry. It is mandatory but the amount of time and effort that goes into the generation is tiresome.

To alleviate the difficulty and make the process simpler and seamless, the technology of GimBooks coms with an inbuilt solution of E-way bill to generate it instantly.

You just need to record the invoice and if the E-way Bill is applicable, it will be automatically generated. It is so simple that you will think that generating an e-way bill is not a different step.

Seamlessly Integrated E-way Bill System

GimBooks fully integrated E-way Bill Solution is simple, seamless & almost no manual work. Have a look at the key feature offered by GimBooks

  • Generate E-way Bill instantly

You no longer need to look at invoicing and e-way bill generation separately as the fully integrated software allows you to automatically generate the e-way bill along with the invoice & shipment. You just need to record an invoice and GimBooks will directly send the details in prescribed format to the portal & fetch the e-way bill details.

  • Cancel, Update & Extend the E-way bill Online

Because of some reasons, the e-way you have generated needs to be cancelled, updated or extended. The reasons may be Entry Mistake, order cancelled or various other reasons, Natural calamity being the exception. With GimBooks, you can cancel, extend, and update e-way bills online without putting it up manually.

  • Flexibility to generate EWB online along with e-invoice

The integrated software comes with flexibility to generate e-way bills in bulk or for single invoice. Be it single invoice or in bulk, GimBooks makes it seamlessly faster for the generation.

  • Enhanced E-way Bill Report

GimBooks comes with exclusive solutions and reports giving you a complete view of the e-way bill. With the help of the report, you will always have the access to check the e-way bill status and perform the required actions.

  • Supports other modes for e-way bill generation

In case of unavailability of internet or such cases, if you wish to access the e-way bill offline, GimBooks fully supports such situations. It fetches updates and details of the e-way bill number on the invoice & keeps your books up to date.

Why wait? Get your first hand experience of GimBooks, be quicker at your tasks and save time.

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