Below are some of the fundamental reasons to as why service industries need an ERP software.

Bills and invoicing

Whether you are offering pure services or are into a service section that requires you to direct inventory, invoicing or billing is a pivotal feature of the business. You can easily record, track, and manage the invoices, using ERP software solution for service industry. The software resolutions that are set up for small and medium service business comes with different sorts of invoice configurations and formations that help you customise the way it works for your business.

Bills receivables

The invoices that are yet to be paid by your customers is bills receivable. Bills receivables is the major source of cash influx and contribute eminently towards the working capital needs of the business. The longer an invoice sits as accounts receivable, it prevents the cash flow and lesser accessibility of cash to meet your business requirements. Using ERP software for services business assists you to keep a clean track of receivables, from how long they are unresolved and help you follow up with your client.

Track and manage inventory

This is exceedingly critical for businesses that not just provide services, but deal with inventory as well. The complications here are that some service business use their own inventories like automobile service business rendering repairs and maintenance service use their spare parts as part of concluding the service. On the other side of it, you have businesses offering services and use the constituents or inventories provided by their client like for instance  job work.

To make it even more composite, you might have to come across circumferences, where you have to manage your stock as well as the stock provided by your client apace with providing the needed service. apart from being built with features to manage your books ERP software solution also includes the attributes of inventory management software that helps you simply deal with such situations.

Project costing and tracking

It’s ordinarily a usual scenario that service businesses control the delivery by projects. Here, all the cost, material utilization and revenue assigned to the project to track the revenue. Using ERP software you will be able to create several projects, track costs, including material consumption until issuing an invoice.

Tax compliance

Determined by the tax compliance, such as GST in India, VAT in UAE, and so forth, businesses need to be compliant right from initiating the tax compliance invoice to managing the books of accounts to filing returns. Coming with built-in solutions to manage tax requirements of business effortlessly, ERP software solution is perfect for your service business.

Advantages of using ERP software

Beneath are a few benefits of using (name of company)ERP software for service industry or business

-Uncomplicated invoicing/billing

- Record and register invoice in company with inventories that are used in service accomplishment.

-Manage bills receivables and frequency of payables in a methodical manner.

-Stock and track inventories that are used in providing services

-Simply manage employee payouts and associated records.

-Project-wise cost and revenue tracking

-Integrated books of accounts over all functions