Personal Loans Can Help You Out In Emergencies and meet your financial needs

A very helpful friend in times of need, the best way someone can describe Personal Loans. It is the most convenient option to meet your financial needs and this is the reason why most of the Indian Households take a large amount of instant personal loans in the time of emergencies.

GimBooks understands that you cannot afford to wait for days to get your loan sanctioned in times of need and emergencies. With non-banking financial companies can get your personal loan application approved instantly & your money will be disbursed to your account within 24 hours.

What are the financial needs that you can meet with a personal loan?

  1. Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and with increasing hospitalisation & medical charges, you might need a large amount of money instantly. You might not be able to wait for getting your application approved and loan sanctioned. This is where personal loans can be your lifesaver.

With GimBooks, get instant approval, disbursal and financial assistance whenever you need.

  1. Wedding Expenses

Big fat indian weddings are a big memorable event. The expenses can get out of hands even after proper planning and budgeting.

It is reported that even a medium scale wedding costs Rs 10 Lakhs minimum.

You do not need to worry, It's once in a lifetime event so make it a memorable one. Look for the best venues, hire best event managers and photographers with the assistance from GimBooks

  1. Higher Education

With the living costs, travelling expenses and other expenses, The cost of education has rapidly increased. Even if students are preferring foreign universities for better education and job opportunities, you might get short of funds.

Education is of utmost importance and not a thing to compromise. Apply for a personal Loan with GimBokoks and get your loan disbursed in a day.

  1. Debt Consolidation

You can pay your other heavy interest debts and credit card bills by using a single personal loan which has a lower interest rate which means you can  repay the loan over the period .

  1. Home Repair and renovation

Changing the look of your home can transform the feel and make it more comfortable but can also drill a hole in the pocket. Choose the personal loan to redesign the home of your dreams without using your savings.

GimBooks offers personal loan upto Rs 1,00,000 at an attractive interest rate. The application is 100% digital and can be applied within a few minutes with very few documents. With GimBooks, you can disburse your loan in 24 hours. And the best thing is that the interest rate is very low i.e. between 15% - 24% unlike other apps.

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