MSMEs in India account for around 8% of the country's GDP, 45% of manufacturing output, and over 40% of exports. They might be referred to as the 'Backbone of the Country.' This article discusses MSME and how to obtain an MSME certificate online, both with and without using a UAM number. Read through this article!

What Is MSME?

MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. MSME industries are the backbone of the economy in a growing country like India. When these industries grow, the country's economy grows. These enterprises are generally known as small-scale industries or SSIs.

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, or MSMEs, specialise in producing, processing, or storing goods or commodities. The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act of 2006 established them. The government established this technique to make doing business easier.

The financial health of the companies is determined by their investment in plant and machinery, as well as their turnover throughout the year.

A microbusiness is defined as a company with a revenue of less than or equal to 5 crores, a small business is defined as a company with a revenue of 5 to 75 crores, and a medium business is defined as a company with a revenue of 75 to 100 crores.

The MSME legislation allows registration in manufacturing and service industries, regardless of whether the company is in production or service. Although the government has not made this registration mandatory, it is preferable to have one's business registered under it because it gives tax, business establishment, credit, and financing benefits.

Highlights Of The New MSME Certificate

The Government of India's 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan,' or Self-Reliant India Scheme of 2020, has given MSMEs a new definition. Some of the most significant characteristics of new MSMEs include:

  • A provision of Collateral-Free Loans to MSMEs A loan agreement worth Rs. 3 lac crores for MSMEs
  • MSMEs are being provided a 12-month moratorium period.
  • MSMEs in both manufacturing and service industries are regarded the same.
  • MSM has been given a loan repayment of a 48-month contract
  • MSMEs are guaranteed a credit rating of 100 per cent.
  • Reclassification will benefit MSMEs in the amount of 45 million units.

Benefits Of MSME Registration

Listed below are some of the benefits of MSME registration.

  • Because the interest rate is relatively low, about 1 to 1.5 per cent, bank loans become cheaper due to MSME registration. These loans have much lower interest rates than traditional loans.
  • It also allowed for the carrying forward of minimal alternative tax (MAT) credits for up to 15 years instead of the prior ten years.
  • The cost of acquiring a patent or starting a business is decreased once you've registered because of the numerous discounts and concessions available.
  • Because the Udyam Registration Portal is integrated with the Government e-Marketplace and numerous other State Government websites that offer easy access to their marketplaces and e-tenders, MSME registration makes it easier to receive government tenders.
  • For late MSME payments, there is a One-Time Settlement Fee.
  • The Udyam Registration will assist MSMEs in taking advantage of government initiatives such as the Credit Guarantee Scheme, Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme, Public Procurement Policy, and Payment Delay Protection.
  • MSMEs are a priority sector for banks, and they are prepared to lend to them.
  • MSMEs are eligible for a security deposit waiver from the government, which is advantageous when competing in e-tenders.
  • In a single Registration, any number of activities, including service, manufacturing, or both, can be added or described.
  • Subsidy for barcode registration.
  • Scheme to exclude people from paying direct taxes.
  • Reimbursement of ISO certification fees
  • Electricity bills are reduced.
  • In international trade exhibitions, special consideration is given.

Documents Required To Register For An MSME Certificate

The only papers required for MSME registration are an Aadhaar Card and a PAN Card. MSME registration can be done online, with no documents verification needed. PAN and GST-linked information on investment and turnover would be automatically pulled from government databases through the Udyam Registration Portal. The Udyam Registration Portal is fully integrated with the Income Tax and GSTIN systems.

GST is optional for businesses not required to register under the GST statute. Businesses required to register for GST as part of the GST regime must first register for GST before applying for Udyam Registration.

Those with a UAM registration or any other registration granted by a Ministry of MSME authority must re-register on the Udyam Registration Portal by selecting "For New Entrepreneurs those who are not yet MSME-registered or who have EM-II."

The firms possessing UAM registration need to shift to Udyam Registration by 31/12/2021. If entrepreneurs with UAM registration do not migrate to Udyam Registration by December 31, 2021, their UAM registration will become invalid, and they will no longer be eligible for MSMEs incentives.

How To Get An MSME Registration Certificate?

After submitting the MSME registration form online, a notice of successful registration with a reference number will appear. The Ministry of MSME will deliver the Udyam Registration certificate or MSME certificate to the entrepreneur's email address after confirming the registration form submitted on the portal.

After a few days have passed after the registration form was submitted, the Ministry will provide the MSME certificate. The MSME registration certificate is valid for the rest of your life. As a result, it does not need to be renewed.

How Do I Download The MSME Registration Certificate?

For downloading the MSME registration certificate, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Udhyam Registration website
  • Enter your Udyam Registration Number, which is 19 digits long (i.e. UDYAM-XX-00-0000000).
  • Fill in your phone number as it appears on the Udyam app.
  • Choose any one of the OTP options (One Time Password).
  • You will receive OTP on Selected Option after clicking the 'Validate & Generate OTP' button.
  • Click the 'Validate OTP & Print' option after entering the OTP. You will be automatically redirected to Print Certificate once your entered OTP matches successfully.

How To Download The MSME Registration Certificate With UAM Number?

Listed below are the steps for downloading the MSME Registration Certificate with UAM numbers:

  • To benefit from all of the government's services for MSMEs, you'll need an MSME certificate. Many business owners don't know how to get an MSME certificate, so this article will lead you through it step by step. Here are the steps to download an MSME certificate with a UAM number online.
  • To access the Udyog Aadhaar portal, go to This is a straightforward procedure; all required is for the user to Google Udyog Aadhaar and visit the website. For all MSME-related information, this is the place to go. Udyog Aadhaar registration is required for all MSMEs, and the MSME certificate is the Udyog Aadhar registration certificate.
  • Log in and enter your UAM number and your Adhaar information: Owners must first open the website and log in with their UAM number, Aadhar data, and Mobile Number to access their account. Submit all required information, including the UAM number, Aadhar number, and the business owner's name or the name linked with the Aadhar number provided at the time of business registration.
  • You must solve the captcha image. After that, submit: Users must complete the captcha in the next stage after correctly entering all of their information.
  • The MSME Registration certificate will be available in standard png format for download.

How To Download MSME Registration Certificate Without UAM Number?

Have you registered your business with MSME but can't remember your UAM number? In today's hectic environment, it's normal for people to forget their UAM number. We've explained how to get your UAM number and print your MSME Certificate so you can take advantage of the government of India's MSME registration. Here are some of the steps to download an MSME certificate online without a UAM number.

  • To register for Udyam, go to the Udyam Registration Portal.
  • Choose Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum or Udyog Aadhaar Registration as the option whose number you want to recover.
  • Choose an OTP (One Time Password) method that is more convenient for you, such as email or a mobile phone number.
  • Enter the phone number or email address where you'd like the OTP to be sent (One Time Password).
  • You will receive an OTP after selecting an option and pressing the 'Validate & Generate OTP' button.
  • After entering your OTP, click the 'Validate OTP' button.
  • All of the registered UAM numbers will be displayed once your OTP has been authenticated.

What Is The Online Process For A New MSME Registration Certificate?

The steps for registering a new MSME certificate online are as follows:

  • If your company's yearly revenue falls within the MSMEs category, you must register with the government to take advantage of all of the government's benefits and assistance.
  • The MSME Registration Certificate is obtained via an online process that includes the following steps:
  • Fill out the online MSME Registration form with all necessary information, including your company's name, registration number, and GST number.
  • During the second stage of the MSME registration process, you must submit your personal information, such as your name, address, PAN card, bank account information, and other common details. A photograph must also be included. Ensure the photo's size is within the site's permitted limits before uploading. Now is the time to pay your application fee.
  • Your business will be registered only once your application has been granted, and you will receive the necessary papers.
  • In 1-2 working days, the authorised MSME certificate, which is valid in both the manufacturing and service sectors, will be issued.
  • Check your registered e-mail account for an MSME letter containing a soft copy of the MSME Registration Certificate in a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSME Certificates

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about MSME certificate:

1. What Is The Procedure To Download A UDYAM Certificate?

To obtain a UDYAM Certificate, enter your 19-digit UDYAM Registration Number, followed by your mobile phone number as entered in the UDYAM application. You must now choose one of the OTP alternatives (One Time Password). After pressing the 'Validate & Generate OTP' button, you will receive an OTP for the selected option. Click the 'Validate OTP & Print' option after entering the OTP. When your entered OTP matches correctly, you will be directly taken to the option "Print Certificate."

2. How Many Days Do I Have To Wait To Download The UDYAM Certificate After Getting The UDYAM Number?

After the application is filed, it usually takes 4-5 days to process. You'll receive an email containing your registration number. The entire procedure will likely take more than 15 days.

3. Can I Download A UDYAM Certificate Without The UDYAM Number?

Yes, you can acquire your UDYAM Certificate without a UDYAM Number by using the OTP option sent to your email or mobile number after registration.

4. I Have A Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum. Can I Download Udyam Certificate By Using It?

The UAM (Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum) is a one-page registration form that allows small enterprises to self-certify their existence, bank account information, promoter/owner Aadhaar information, and other pertinent information. After submitting the form, a Udyog Aadhaar Acknowledgement will be sent to the email address indicated in the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum, along with a unique Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN), which can be used to download the UDYAM Certificate.


So, here is the most important data concerning MSME and how you may obtain it. I hope that this list has given you some ideas about downloading MSME with and without a UAM number. We've also attempted to answer all of the most commonly asked questions concerning MSME certificates on the internet.

Now is the time to get your MSME Certificate!