If you are a businessman, you clearly know how important it is to make your customers pay the bill. In this digital world, we have a lot of software services dedicated to streamlining your company’s invoicing operations and using the right e-invoice solution will help you big time to adapt to the new system efficiently.

Now is the time for you to evaluate if the software that you are using is equipped with the right technology or not.

And if you haven't chosen yet, this article is going to help you to choose the right one.

7 points to consider while choosing an online invoice software for your company

  1. Tracking E invoice instantly

The concept behind an e invoice is that it needs to be authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) and a QR code is embedded with an Invoice Registration Number (IRN) on it. Only then the e invoice is valid.

So for that, firstly you need to upload the details in the JSON format to IRP. Secondly, IRP authenticates the file with IRN and QR code that is then downloaded in the prescribed format (JSON). Later you need to print the IRN and the QR code before issuing it to the buyer.

It is obviously faster than the manual process. A right e invoicing solution with a potential to generate the e invoice in a quick time & without any manual intervention. You should be able to absorb the complexities by directly sending the details to IRP, download the authenticated details and automatically print the QR code & IRN on the invoice instantly.

GimBooks make the process very simple and quicker. It is designed to directly integrate with Invoice Registration Portal.

2.Bulk e-invoice uploading

Right now or later you might need a solution that requires you to generate bulk e-invoices instead of one at a time. Some businesses follow the ‘Maker’ & ‘Checker’ system where the maker creates the invoice and the checker verifies it. So here you will need a software that is capable of generate bulk e-invoices and automatically it should fetch and print the QR code on the invoices.

3. Generation of e-way bill

When one uploads an invoice, the Invoice Registration Portal automatically shares the details to the GSTN system & e-way bill system for generating e-way bills.

IRP integrates with GSTN and e-way bill systems to streamline the process together.

The software that you choose for your company should leverage the facility and generate e-way bill & e-invoice side by side. In this process, a lot of time and effort is saved.

4. Cancellation of e-invoice

Many times it happens that the invoice is generated twice like duplicate data entry or mistake so for such reasons, the software should allow you to cancel it.

More importantly, the software should automatically send the details to IRP for cancellation of Invoice Registration Number (IRN).

In the case when you have already initiated the cancellation of IRN, the software should automatically be able to fetch the details from IRP and update the status.

5. Available in offline mode

Incase of the cases when you are not connected to the internet or due to other reasons, you want to view your e-invoice or directly enter on the portal etc. the software should be flexible enough to allow you this.

Also, it should update the books according to the QR code and IRN.

6. Flexible mode of payment

An efficient software will give you more and more options for receiving payments & speeding up the tasks.

Choose a software that allows you to add more e-payment channels and mobile payment options to make the customer’s payment easier and quicker.

7. Customized e-invoice templates

The e-invoicing software or an app should provide you multiple options for industry specific & general invoice templates. Customization by the way of adding company details, branding identity, company font and defining the fields to manage the details & the customer’s needs.

Check out some demo invoices

The bottom line is that an e-invoice app should be simple, quick and convenient that allows you to create Professional looking invoices and manage it.

GimBooks is one of a kind and is suitable for all the e-invoicing needs of a business.

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