Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been searching for a  perfect GST accounting software in India for their GST filing and compliance needs. Many GST SOftwares have been simplifying GST procedures.

GST is not a complex, It is a collaborative approach..

5 Features to look for in a GST Accounting Software in India:

  1. Security

The GST software should ensure the company’s confidential data is protected and processed in a secure environment. Every software should go for an ISO audit. ISO is an international body that checks if they maintain international standards in terms of their services.

2. Easy to use

GST software is required to be able to simplify the GST filing process. The UI of the software should be designed in a manner that even a person with basic computing knowledge can understand and get the work done.

3. Flexibility

ERP and GST Filing Software can sometimes complicate the work process. Under such circumstances, the GST software should be able to integrate with the software and enhance the performance.

4. Reliable support team

There is a need for GSPs to make sure their clients understand the concept and the software properly. That is why you should choose a GST software that offers 24X7 support in the form of call centres.

5. No data storage

The GST Network doesn’t allow any GSP to store consumer data relating to GST filings

There are many more features you need to look into before finalizing your perfect GST software. Compare your options; look into the key features and advantages of each, check if they are user-friendly and then select one. GimBooks offers one of the most scalable and technically advanced GST accounting software in India. Here is why you should consider GimBooks GSP for your GST needs.