Delivery challans play a crucial role in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, construction, and healthcare. They help businesses track inventory, verify deliveries, and ensure compliance with regulations.

MSMEs need to transfer their goods to warehouses, and your goods might get lost or damaged in the process, to have proof that your goods were being transferred, your business needs a Delivery Challan.

A delivery challan helps you track and verify the details of your shipment. You need to issue a delivery challan when you are not supplying but transporting your goods from one warehouse to another. And if the goods being transported are not for sale, there is no need for a tax invoice. In that case, a business must use delivery challan instead.

Delivery challan is also known as a delivery slip or a dispatch slip.

According to Rule 55 (2) of the CGST Rules, the delivery challan should have three copies.

1. Original - for buyer

2. Duplicate - for transporter

3. Triplicate - for seller

With gst invoice manager, you do not need to create delivery challan separately for the buyer, transporter, and seller. Just tick on the check box against the original if you are sending it to the buyer, and tick on the check box against the duplicate if you are sending it to the transporter, and click on triplicate if you are sending it to the seller.

Meaning of Delivery Challan

The delivery challan's primary work is to acknowledge the delivery of the items to the warehouse or customer. It is sent along with the shipment of goods and a delivery challan format also contains information like the goods' recipient, locations, and delivery date.

According to Section 31 of the CGST Act 2017, a registered user, who transports taxable goods must submit a bill of sale with the amount and necessary information. Similarly, gst delivery challan is crucial for shipping and distributing goods.

Now that you know what is delivery challan is, let's understand the purpose and in which cases you need to issue a delivery challan.

Purpose and Use of Delivery Change

The purpose of delivery challan includes the following-

Tracking the goods during shipment:

It acts as proof of the goods being transported from one location to another. A delivery challan lists all necessary information like goods details, quantity, and other relevant characteristics. This helps to track the movement of goods and ensure they reach their intended destination.

Goods delivery verification:

Delivery challan acts as proof of delivery for both the sender and recipient. It allows the recipient to check items received against the mentioned details on the delivery challan. When an acknowledged copy is signed by the recipient, it is a confirmation of a successful delivery.

Helps in internal processes:

It assists in various internal processes like inventory management, order fulfilment, and accounting. It helps update inventory levels, ensure the right deliveries with their orders, and facilitate accurate billing.

Regulatory compliance Fulfillment:

When tax implications are involved, delivery challan may be required by regulations for transporting goods in certain cases.

Now, when the purpose of a delivery challan is fulfilled, you need to understand in when you can issue a delivery challan.

Transportation for Job Work

When goods are sent to a job worker for further processing, repair, or any other treatment, a delivery slip is issued instead of a tax invoice. The goods are returned to the sender after the job is completed.

Supply of Exhibition or Trade Samples

When goods are sent for display in exhibitions, trade fairs, or as free samples, a delivery challan is issued to enable their transportation without a tax invoice.

Transfer of Goods Between Branches

When goods are transferred from one branch to another within the same company, a transport receipt is issued to record the movement without raising a tax invoice.

Supply of Goods on Approval

In situations where goods are sent on an approval or sale-or-return basis, a delivery slip is used to move the goods without a tax invoice until they are accepted by the recipient.

Supply for Export or Import

For the export or import of goods, a delivery challan is used to move the goods from one location to another without a tax invoice.

A delivery challan ensures a smooth and accurate delivery of goods, streamlining internal functions, and complying with regulations. Its specific use depends on the type of the transaction and the applicable regulations.

Use case of Delivery Challan in various industries

The use of delivery challans extends across diverse industries due to their flexibility in tracking and verifying goods movement. Here is how delivery challan is used across various industries-


When you are delivering products to stores or customers, a delivery challan ensures accurate product quantities and descriptions match the order.

Trading & Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, delivery challans allow you to track part of goods or raw materials being delivered between production to transporting it to the suppliers.


Online retailers require delivery challans to accompany deliveries, verifying the items ordered and received by the customer.

Logistics and Transportation

Delivery Challans help in goods transportation by third-party logistics providers, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Delivery Challans track building materials delivered to construction sites, verifying quantities and specifications.


Delivery Challans help in inventory management for medical fields by tracking medical supplies and equipment delivered to hospitals and clinics, ensuring proper stock management and recording.

By understanding the purpose and various use cases of delivery challan and trying different delivery challan samples for each industry. By doing so, you can leverage customer satisfaction with this valuable tool to ensure smooth, efficient, and compliant delivery operations.

Components of a Delivery Challan

Important Components of a Delivery Challan include:


Delivery Challan Number and Delivery Challan Prefix: Unique identifier for the document.

Date: Date of issuance.

Parties Involved

Consignor: Information about the sender (name, address, GSTIN if applicable).

Goods Information

Description: Clear and detailed description of each item/good being delivered.

Quantity: Unit count of each item/good.

HSN Code: Harmonized System Nomenclature code for each item (required for tax purposes).

Rate (Optional): Price per unit (not always included).

Payment Mode: Whether it is a cash sale

GST Treatment Type: Whether the consignee has a registered business, unregistered business, consumer, overseas / export, or SEZ.

Total Amount (Optional)

Total value of each item (calculated if rate is included).

Additional Information

Place of Supply: Location where goods are delivered (relevant for tax purposes).

Transportation Details (Optional): Carrier information, vehicle number, WE-WayBill no. freight charge, insurance charge, loading charge, packaging charge, etc.

Tax Details (if applicable): GST rate, IGST, CGST, SGST, Cess (for India).

Other Details: Original, Duplicate, Triplicate as per 55 (2) of the CGST Rules.


Authorized representative's signature for confirmation.

A delivery challan plays an important role in ensuring smooth and accurate delivery of goods, streamlining internal functions, and complying with regulations. Its specific use depends on the nature of the transaction and the applicable regulations.

Different Formats and Templates

A standard format includes standard delivery challan format includes company details, name, address, and contact information, challan details, consignee details: name, address, and contact information of the recipient, product details, transport details: mode of transport, vehicle number, and driver's name, other information: signature of an authorized person, any special

Instructions. The format can be modified as per the nature of the transaction, it can be made on an Excel sheet, traditional,  and more. Let’s understand it below-

Excel Delivery Challan Template

You can create a delivery challan template in Excel for easy data entry and calculations. This is a good option if you do not want to pay for a delivery challan software.

Digital Delivery Challan Template

Professional delivery challan software can help create a customised and professional delivery challan template, that is visually appealing, reflects your brand identity, industry, and nature of your work, and allows you to add all the required details for transportation of goods.

Word Delivery Challan Template

You can also create a delivery challan template in MS Word. This is a good option if you want to create a delivery challan with a few graphics and add your branding.

Printable Delivery Challan Templates

If you feel hesitant about trying digital delivery challan, you can print your delivery challan templates or buy the ones that are available offline.

You can search online or go for a printed delivery challan to find a template that meets your needs.

Best Practices for Filling Out a Delivery Challan

Best practices for Filling Out a Delivery Challan include the following-

Understandable and clear language

Maintain information, and organised the template for better readability so that the delivery challan is clear and easy to understand.

Pre-filled templates

Save time by using pre-filled templates with company and product information.

Automatic calculations

Reduce errors with automated calculations for quantities, totals, and taxes. Use software that calculates updated tax charges.

Cloud-based software

Integrate challan data with accounting software for a streamlined process, allowing you to access your delivery challan anywhere, anytime.

By following these comprehensive best practices, you can create appealing, informative, and legally compliant delivery challan sample that contribute to smoother deliveries and better business operations.

Conclusion: Make Best Delivery Challan with GimBooks

Understanding the significance of a Delivery Challan and its various components is important for small businesses, especially MSMEs. The Delivery Challan serves as an essential tool for tracking, verifying, and confirming the delivery of goods, facilitating internal processes, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

By incorporating best practices in filling out a Delivery Challan, such as clarity, pre-filled templates, automatic calculations, real-time tracking, and the use of cloud-based software, businesses can enhance efficiency and accuracy in their delivery operations.

And GimBooks App offers a comprehensive solution for creating the best Delivery Challans, ensuring smooth and compliant delivery operations for businesses. Leveraging this valuable tool can lead to increased customer satisfaction and streamlined business processes.