As an MSME owner things become hard to manage when you have to decide which is the right bill or the right document type for your transaction. But two handy tools, proforma invoices and invoices, can simplify your bookkeeping and manage your finances with the easy invoice manager.

But to help you choose the right document for your business, here is the difference between proforma invoice and invoice-

-Proforma Invoice serves as a "pre-order note." It helps you to understand the cost of your goods or services involved for potential customers. It's like a preview, where you are sharing details like price, payment terms, and delivery timelines. This helps the customer or the party to create a budget and commit to potentially securing your pre-payments and boosting your cash flow.

-Now, think of the "final document- invoice." Once you've delivered your goods or services, the invoice steps in. The official bill details the final cost, payment terms, and delivery confirmation. It acts as legal proof of the transaction and helps collect payments without any confusion.

Depending on the nature of your business activity, know what is best for your business by understanding this-
You need a proforma invoice when finalising bulk orders, dealing with customers from another location, and being open to terms and categories of negotiation.

Whereas if your order is delivered, payments are due, and you want to maintain proper records for your accounting and bookkeeping, you can use invoice.

Now that you have understood the basic difference between proforma invoice and invoice, let’s explore more about proforma invoice and invoice.

How Can you Differentiate- Proforma Invoice vs Invoice for your Business?

Proforma invoices and regular invoice is the most essential document for smooth invoicing and a headache-free cash flow. And if you are wondering when to use each? Don't worry! This table breaks down the differences easily, so you can pick the right document for your bookkeeping and accounting activity.


Proforma Invoice



Estimate cost and secure pre-orders

Request payment for delivered goods/services



Legally binding document

Cost Accuracy


Final and fixed

Payment Guarantee

No guarantee

Enforceable claim for payment


Subject to change before delivery

Fixed terms once issued


Not always required

Essential for most transactions


Issued before delivery

Issued after delivery

Use Cases

Securing pre-payments for large orders, clarifying terms for international trade, obtaining import licenses

Recording transactions for tax purposes, requesting payment from customers, maintaining accurate financial records

Benefits for MSME

Boost cash flow, secure orders, simplify customs clearance

Reduce errors, simplify filing, improve collections, build trust

With this table, you can easily understand the purpose of proforma invoices and invoices. Now let’s see if tax invoice proforma is similar to proforma invoice and invoice.

Is the tax invoice proforma the same as the Proforma Invoice and Invoice?

The world of invoices can be confusing, especially when terms like "tax invoice proforma" start coming to your notice. Today, we’ll understand and clarify terms like tax invoice proforma, proforma invoice, and Invoice-

First, let's start with what you already know:

  • Proforma Invoice: A "rough estimate" of the cost for your goods or services, like a fancy shopping list with prices. It's not legally binding and can change before you buy anything.
  • Invoice: This is the final bill, the official "you owe me" document after you've received the goods or services. It's clear, precise, and legally binding, like a receipt on steroids.

Now, where does the "tax invoice proforma" fit in this category?

It's a specific type of proforma invoice used for transactions with tax implications. This means it includes all the details of a regular proforma invoice (estimated cost, terms, etc.) plus the applicable tax rates and amounts.

Benefits of Tax Proforma Invoice Include-

Payment security: It helps you with securing pre-payments for large orders or international trade having the tax implications upfront can encourage customers / parties to commit and potentially pre-pay, boosting your cash flow.

Custom Clearance: It focuses on simplifying customs clearance when dealing with overseas shipments, a tax invoice proforma can expedite customs clearance by presenting tax details early on.

Tax transparency and planning: Both you and your customer / party can anticipate the final cost with taxes included, facilitating informed budgeting and tax planning.

But remember, it's not a final document:

So, think of it as a proforma invoice levelled up for a tax meeting, giving you a heads-up on both the cost and the tax-related things you'll have to file.

Why is knowing about tax proforma invoices useful?

  • Clear Costing: It helps you anticipate the total cost, including taxes, right from the get-go. No surprises at checkout!
  • Tax Planning: Tax implications can affect your pricing decisions and budgeting. This invoice gives you a clear picture early on.
  • Customs Clearance: For international trade, a tax invoice proforma can facilitate smoother customs clearance by presenting tax details upfront.

You need to know this too:

  • It's still a proforma invoice, not a final invoice. The final cost and tax amounts might change slightly before the actual transaction.
  • It's not legally binding like a regular invoice.

So, the next time you hear about "tax invoice proforma," don't worry! Just remember it helps you to estimate costs and taxes, not a final demand for payment. You need to use it as required to plan your finances and make informed decisions!

Best features of a proforma invoice

When it comes to understanding how using proforma invoices is beneficial for your business, here are the following features you need to look for-

Easy to Edit: proforma invoice manager lets you edit details even after previewing, giving you ultimate control over your first impression. Make professional proforma invoices ready to impress in one go.

Conversion Capabilities: When it comes to saving time and effort, proforma invoice manager helps you to convert your documents into invoices, tax invoices, Bill Of Supply, sales debit note and more!

Sharing in Seconds: proforma invoice manager lets you share your proforma invoice instantly across platforms, speeding up delivery, and payment and making those happy customer smiles appear faster.

Organize and Access with Ease: Add in-depth transportation and goods / products / services/ details for both inward and outward invoices, organizing your logistics like a perfectionist.

Track your deliveries seamlessly, ensuring your products reach their destination on time.

Track and Audit: Manage and analyze your proforma history with proforma invoice manager detailed logs. View creation, updates, status of converting the document, recording payment and more, making everything transparent for you.

Now, let’s explore how these best features can benefit your business!

Benefits of proforma invoicing

When it comes to understanding the benefits of proforma invoice and invoice separately. Let us tell you that Proforma invoice not only helps you improve relations with your customer/party / client but also streamlines your work, helping you manage your accounting and bookkeeping business activities. Before finding which tools work for your business, keep these benefits in mind -

Inventory management- You can streamline your product delivery with the easy invoice manager by adding detailed transportation and goods information to your proforma, which helps in simplifying logistics and ensuring seamless movement from warehouse to customer.

Business Growth- When customers know what they will be receiving in clear terms, and everything is listed out, they'll accept the order, and clarify any queries related to product, price, or quantity, which helps you to be more efficient, hence you can grow your business easily by securing right deals for your business!

Enhance Customer Satisfaction- When your proforma mentions all the details, it clearly communicates pricing and deliverables, reducing confusion and setting realistic expectations for both parties.

Easy Tracking- Monitor the status of your proforma invoices and deliveries in real-time with proforma invoice or PI number, boosting transparency and keeping everyone informed.
After exploring proforma invoice, let’s explore what are the best features you should know while looking for an invoicing software.

Best features of invoice

These are the best features of choosing an invoice for your MSME business!-

Customization: Customization makes invoicing an easy task! You can select the template, logo, colour, font size, and font style according to your business or brand identity, which reflects professionalism, and creates the right impression.

Organised Invoicing: You are tension-free when you can simply add details about parties, suppliers, products, goods, and even transportation! Your proforma invoice with a unique PI number is ready, making logistics & delivery-related work easy.
Monitoring Outstanding payments: Apart from tracking, you also monitor outstanding payments with the easy invoice manager, which ensures timely payment, and streamlined finances for your business. You can do it on the go with the easy invoice manager.
Easy Access: Invoicing software should have an easy-to-use and easy-to-access interface, which helps you to save time in looking for the right business document, that is easy to edit, and share. Additionally, if it is GST-compliant invoice management software, it is the best thing for your bookkeeping and accounting.

Managing accounting bookkeeping isn’t as easy as it sounds, so to make it easier for you, we have compiled the benefits of using the invoice features for your business.

Benefits of invoicing

Your business deserves the benefits of invoicing, which are-
Simplify Tax Compliance: Ensuring your invoices adhere to tax regulations, avoiding potential issues and delays in the future. Along with that, the detailed logs of your invoice history provide a clear, auditable trail for tax authorities.

Send payments on the go!: By sending automated reminders you can track payments effortlessly, and convert quotes to invoices instantly.  

Access Business insights: Get real-time reports and data to understand your accounting and bookkeeping records to make informed decisions. This helps you to understand what's selling, where your cash flow is generated, and make adjustments that allow you to grow your business.

Business Growth: Whether you're an MSME owner or a start-up owner, gst invoice manager helps you enhance efficiency and grow your business. Flexible plans and powerful features ensure you have the tools you need, no matter your size.
Invoicing isn't just about just invoices, it's about empowering you to focus on what matters most. Get back to building your business while GimBooks handles your bookkeeping and accounting records.

Final Word on Invoicing!

In essence, the choice between Proforma Invoices and Invoices is not just about documents; it's about empowering MSME owners to focus on building their businesses while GimBooks efficiently handles their bookkeeping and accounting records. With the right tools, MSMEs can navigate financial transactions seamlessly, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

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