Have you been facing rejections from financial institutions? Are you exhausted and looking for simpler ways to get Business Loan? Looking for the best and the fastest business loan provider? The solution is right here. GimBooks is an online lending platform that helps small businesses to get funds and guess what.. The loans have a least interest rate and are collateral free.

The eligibility requirements for loans are minimum.

Why SME business loans for commercial purpose are favourable when compared to normal business loans:


Multiple factors are required to be considered when you are doing business in India like changing buyers’ behaviour, dynamic seasonal demands, changing market conditions, etc. These changes necessitate the need for surplus funds.

Online accessibility of SME business loans can work wonders for SMEs. Minimal documentation, no requirement of security, and hassle-free procedures makes loan processing quick and easy.

2. Intact Control:

Small business owners often seek help from venture capitalists who get the ownership control over the organisation which results in a loss of control of original owners over the company. SME loans are wonderful sources of funds for business owners looking to avoid the liquidation of company control.

3. Swift Execution of business plans:

With the fast processing of loans, you can execute your business plans fast. Utilising collateral-free unsecured MSME business loans, the business owners can fulfill their financial needs and commitments efficiently, and within a specific duration

GimBooks was started with an endeavour to solve the problems that small businesses face. It has a vision to provide “Financial Access at a Click” to facilitate financial help to small businesses.

Why choose GimBooks for SME business loans for commercial purpose:

  • Transparent: Gimbooks offers loans at transparent finance charges and mentions all the charges upfront before disbursement.

  • Safe and secure: Gimbooks  follows the RBI-mandated policy to safeguard and secure your data.

  • Fast process: At GimBooks, Quick credit assessment ensures fast disbursal of the loan at best rates and flexible terms, thus providing financial access at a click!

  • Collateral free: No worries for arranging the security, as GimBooks provides collateral-free loans.

Gimbooks knows that each business has its own financial needs. We ensure that each business and entrepreneur achieve its business goals by providing the best possible financial solution. Our main focus is customer convenience so that they can leave all the stress of financial aspects on us and  can spend more time for the growth of their business. Keeping your convenience in mind we have designed an end to end digital process so that you can apply for a business loan anytime and from anywhere.
We analyse the information you provide us on your online small business loan application form and we provide the best financial solution in accordance with your needs.
If you are planning to expand your business or start a new business, gimbooks has got you covered with its wide range of unsecured solutions.

Learn how to get a first time business loan.